Site Asset Management System

mine site asset management, remote control and monitor with wireless programmable controller
Our Site Asset Management System (SAMS), is a remarkable real-time web based monitoring and control telemetry product that has been extremely successful in the mining and resources sectors. Accessible from almost anywhere, SAMS is optimised for desktop or mobile browser, allowing crucial decisions to be made without delay – saving time and money.

Acubis’s highly trained engineers will review any existing on-site devices and devise a solution to use existing ancillary devices, enhancing them where appropriate with a range of quality products to ensure the monitoring requirements are met.  This data is then extracted periodically and stored in a database for access through the convenient, yet secure, web application SAMS.

Already have a SCADA system? In most circumstances SAMS can integrate directly to your existing SCADA system. This style of integration allows all the convenience of SAMS over the web, but with a very simple and cost effective integration.

The SAMS website may be viewed from any browser based device and upon providing credentials, is accessible from anywhere on the internet including smartphones. Certain actions such as starting or stopping a device may be restricted to on-site access only by configuration.

The SAMS monitoring model can be applied to any number of applications, such as:

SAMS has successfully been applied to a range of water management related applications. See more about this in our water management brochure.

The SAMS software product has been developed by Acubis, right here in Queensland using modern agile development techniques.  The development team produces quality product feature enhancements and ongoing maintenance improvements in regular scheduled releases.  Our customers are engaged to contribute to the development process to ensure the right feature is produced in a timely fashion. This results in significant cost savings for users who can effectively manage and optimise asset performance and the safety of site personnel.

Contact us if you’d like to know more about how SAMS can be applied to your business and save you money.

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