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Intercepta mobile speed radar camera improves road safety

– Road safety is a major risk area on private roads, especially on mine sites

– Do you have the controls to monitor compliance to road rules across your site?

– Intercepta achieves up to 98.5% compliance to speed limits, reducing driver speed and improving safety for all road users – day and night

Reduce speeding and speed related accidents with Intercepta Smart Radar Camera


Road rules are the same on public and private roads, and so are the consequences when it comes to speeding. Despite road safety training and awareness programs, every month, high potential incidents are reported to authorities involving vehicle collisions and roll-overs – mostly caused by excessive speed.

Until now, mine management, Councils and transport authorities were unable to easily monitor vehicles or obtain timely and detailed volume or traffic data. This changed when Acubis developed Intercepta, a mobile, wireless, radar camera system. With intelligent data reporting, Intercepta provides valuable insight into road users and driver behaviour, allowing health and safety managers to understand compliance levels and identify high risk areas for improvement.

Intercepta monitors, records and displays vehicle speed – alerting drivers and management of excessive speed in near real time. The Intercepta speed radar trailer is designed for mobility to provide monitoring surveillance – day and night.

Intercepta speed radar camera has many applications can be used for:
Intercepta mobile radar camera safety device

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Intercepta smart radar camera for speed compliance data mobile speed camera trailer safety management tool slow down drivers with Intercepta speed radar camera trailer