Wireless data networks

Acubis is a leader in the field of wireless networking, covering a large range of applications for mining, utilities, commercial, mine camp and hospitality industries.

Acubis offer hardware, software, consultancy, network management and monitoring services, along with fully managed wireless network services unique in the wireless space. Our range of capabilities includes point to point, to multi point and mesh networks from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. We can take you from initial idea through to a complete wireless deployment including first class maintenance and support services backed by manufacturer trained and accredited service personnel.

Acubis also offer fully managed services. Let us take the headache out of knowing which applications or vender hardware will operate trouble free. We manage the complicated task of evaluating and testing for you. Our managed services can be tailored from a simple feasibility study, install and hardware maintenance, to complete call management and escalation, notifying key personnel in your organisation when critical applications or systems need attention – 24/7.

Wireless and RF Site Survey

We conduct comprehensive wireless and RF site surveys to achieve high performing and secure networks. We conduct surveys at pre-deployment, post deployment and periodically (6 monthly health checks) to safeguard against network issues and ensure optimal performance. With extensive experience in outdoor surveys, Acubis diagnose coverage issues and identify bottlenecks and black spots. Our survey reports include detailed maps to enable you to get the best performance from your network and achieve mission critical communications. Through our rigorous site survey process, we deploy the communication infrastructure needed to support your operation safety, securely, efficiently and profitably.

Line of Site (LOS) Surveys

Acubis conduct line of site (LOS) surveys using advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone technology. This cost effective approach improves efficiency and enhances safety. Our UAV (or drone) operators collect data remotely, continuously and autonomously to achieve faster results in significantly less time. 

Mobile Communications Trailers

Our mobile communications trailer platform has extended beyond wireless networking for lighting plants and solar arrays to include radio communications and Intercepta, intelligent radar camera technology for monitoring vehicle speed, traffic flow and compliance to road rules. 

mobile speed radar camera for speed compliance data and overspeed incident management remote communication trailer for wireless network comms Acubis mobile trailer for wireless data and communications, asset management, remote monitoring and control

Rapid Deployment Communications Towers

Our rapid deployment communications tower is a trailer mounted tower with 30 metre mast, suitable for temporary mine site communications or CCTV surveillance. The portable tower trailer is designed for rapid deployment on short term and remote construction sites where fixed infrastructure is cost prohibitive, or has been damaged by flood or natural disasters.

portable 30 metre communications tower portable communications tower for temporary communications Acubis mobile trailer tower for temporary communications