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Rapidly Deployed 30 metre Communications Tower

Acubis’ rapid deployment communications tower is a trailer mounted tower with 30 metre mast, suitable for temporary mine site communications or CCTV surveillance. The portable tower trailer with 30 m telescopic mast is designed for rapid deployment on short term and remote construction sites where fixed infrastructure is cost prohibitive, or has been damaged by flood or natural disasters. Achieve temporary communications for mining, defence, emergency services, events and remote construction sites with our rapidly deployed communications tower.

Our trailer mounted tower includes communications cabinets and solar array in a truly transportable unit. Relocation of the communications tower can be achieved with a heavy 4×4 vehicle or light truck and does not require cranes or earth moving equipment. Rapid deployment is achieved with two or three trained and qualified personnel and takes between two and four hours, depending on site location and access. Manually operated jack legs enhance safety and ensure rapid deployment by eliminating the need for earthworks.

When deployed, the telescopic mast is positioned with hydraulic lifting ram to a height of 30 metres. The mast can fit hardware including antennas, microwave dish, Tetra radio equipment and CCTV cameras. Designed to Australian Standards, the rapid deployment communications tower has engineering certification for varied wind conditions. This temporary tower solution can be coupled with other Acubis stand-alone units such as communication rooms, autonomous and hybrid power supplies.

Refer to Rapid Deployment Communications Tower Specification Sheet for more information on deployment, mast details, communications hut and antenna loading.

Acubis’s rapid deployment communications tower forms part of our communications solution offering. Starting with a line of site (LOS) survey, our telecommunications engineers assess and identify what is required to achieve mission critical communications on your site. We can also custom design communications or video surveillance solutions to suit your specific site needs. Available for hire, our 30m trailer mounted communications tower is rapidly deployed, giving you fast and reliable communications in less than four hours. Contact Acubis today for more information or call 1300 660 676 for pricing.

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