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Acubis Technologies deploys wireless networks to help clients in mining, resources and other industry sectors to improve operational efficiencies, enhance safety and reduce costs. We are a leading mesh networking company in Australia, deploying networks in some of the harshest environments likely to be encountered anywhere. Acubis is dedicated to helping clients unravel the maze of products and services required to deploy successful, high performing wireless network. With an experienced team of managers, engineers, technicians and consultants, we provide our clients with the best products, services and advice in the industry.

Acubis recognised that partnering with reputable vendors would increase customer satisfaction by helping our clients use technology in a way that suits them. By staying current with vendor certifications and training, our network technicians benefit by being aware of the latest developments in the ever-changing world of wireless networking. Our clients benefit because we are familiar with new technology that can improve their business. Today, Acubis provides services ranging from network monitoring, network security analysis, 24-hour support, network design, installation and maintenance.

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